Off Samuel, 22

Samuel Afriyie was born in Ghana in 1999, he emigrated to Italy when he was 4 years old.
His childhood and adolescence in Italy was not entirely easy, among his peers he has almost always integrated well, despite this at the age of 16 he began to experience discrimination because of his skin color. 
Among the incidents of racism he experienced, he notes that when he began to face the adult world, he saw that people different from his color preferred to stand on the bus rather than sit next to him. In addition to the obstacle of racism, he and his family had to deal with Italian citizenship, which they obtained 10 years into their stay in Italy. For Samuel, being AfroItalian doesn't just mean having the same rights as a white Italian, but being treated equal to them and being seen without prejudice. Samuel thinks that in order to fight racism in Italy, we should show with a smile the strength and beauty of diversity, show all our talent so that everyone can see and believe that there is always something to learn from those who have a different culture.
For all these reasons, Samuel today through social media aims to break down this barrier by creating funny and ironic content where he highlights his way of being a comedian and entertainer.


In 2021 he joined the Afro Influencers Team, a group that contains the most affluent Influencer boys of African origin on the Italian scene.