Our history..

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The Afro Influencers Team was born in May 2020 in the province of Bergamo. It was founded by Moustapha, better known in social networks as Musty TV who, thanks to the help of Tyg3r (a well-known Bolognese Influencer of African origins, also a member of this new Team) manages to bring together the TikTokers, Youtubers and Instragrammers of African origins more sequels of the moment. The idea of giving birth to this group derives from the desire to enhance Influencers of African origin, for this reason it was decided to call the Afro Influencers Team. The main objective is to make themselves known throughout Italy and allow the members of the Team, who currently each have a significant number of followers in the most used social platforms of today, to have professional outlets in the field of entertainment and more.

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