Xan 404, 20

Serigne Fallou Sylla , better known as Xanax_404 is a popular videomaker on Instagram who is also making his way on TikTok and YouTube. Born in Dakar (Senegal) on April 5, 2000 , he is 1.80cm tall. He begins to publish his first videos in the summer of 2017 out of boredom with his friends, his first official video came out on November 30, 2018 , and from there he understood that he had brought something original to the platform starting immediately to earn a huge amount of followers.
A motivated guy who publishes content day after day, continuing to grow out of all proportion, all of this is also thanks to the great pages as stupreme that allowed him to reach 10'000 in less than a year.
Then reasons for reasons unknown to us his flame went out and paused the channel losing more than 3'000 followers in a very short time, but all this did not bring down Xanax who, after 4 months of pause, returned more active than before ready to assert yourself on Instagram and prove that even foreigners can have their part.

After his return he almost doubled his number of followers, thus creating a new community around him called Xanaxiani with the aim of teaching his entire tribe not to wear masks anymore, not to be ashamed of themselves and to to love each other for what they are, and to do this, according to Xanax , sometimes you have to make a fool of yourself in front of everyone, to show them that you shouldn't be afraid of the judgments of others, because those who judge you envy you.


In 2020 he joined the Afro Influencers Team, a group that contains the most affluent Influencer boys of African origin on the Italian scene.